Deniz Erezyilmaz

I am currently a Research Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University in New York. Before coming to Stony Brook, I worked at Princeton University with David Stern, and with Lynn Riddiford and JIm Truman at the University of Washington. 

Yan Huang

2012 to 2014. Yan worked on all aspects of research in the lab, but especially on the resistance of D. sechellia to Morinda fruit toxin. He is an author on two of our first publications! Yan has m

David Liu 

2013 to 2014. David was initially part of the screen for mate choice, but turned his attention to the function of Broad-complex isoforms during metamorphic development in Oncopeltus. Daivd has gone on to medical school. 

Kenneth Lu

URECA Fellow in 2012, Ken stayed in the lab until 2014. Ken was instrumental in designing the assay for female preference. He learned to make barcoded Illumina libraries with the samples that he phenotyped, and then analyzed the files with QTL analysis software. Ken is now in medical school at SUNY Downstate. 

Emily Shea

Summer Student 2013, Williams College. Although she spent just one summer in the lab, she was a super contributor to the mate choice screen team. Emily went on to work at the Whitehead Institute at MIT.

Karishma Suchday

2013 to 2014. Karishma was a key member of the mate choice screen team, and kept the project moving through the dark winter of 2014. Karishma was also keenly interested in learning all things in molecular biology. She has gone on to pursue a career in molecular technology.

Christie Yie

URECA Fellow 2014, Christie led the mate choice screen from 2013-2014. Christie graduated in 2015 and is pursuing a career in medicine. 

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